10 Oct

The Value of HR/IR Management

A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission has again highlighted the need for a Company or entity, small or large, to have access to human resources advice and input.  The Commission held that, “…..the absence of HR expertise affected the procedure followed by the Company” including its acting on very spurious grounds when dismissing the employee, thus amounting to harsh treatment and unfair dismissal.  The Commission commented that no human resources specialist would have recommended “terminating the (employee’s) employment in the manner in which it was done”.


Rochforts Workplace Solutions provide professional HR and IR services to business including appearances in Courts, Commissions and Tribunals as well as general Human Resources advice and Risk Assessment and Management.  All ours services are provided by qualified and experienced practitioners in their respective disciplines.  There are no binding contracts or ongoing commitments beyond the present issue at hand.

Whilst we are committed to providing you with information that you can trust, the content of this publication is general in nature and should not be relied upon as professional advice. Please contact us for specific advice on how to proceed before taking any action.

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