10 Oct

Adverse Action and Family Responsibilities

A finding against an employer has been made on the basis that the Company had thwarted an employee’s progression into a more lucrative role after the employee refused to alter a shift.  The employee had cited family responsibilities and fatigue as the employee’s reasons for doing so. 

We at Rochforts Workplace Solutions are frequently faced with situations where employers not understand, or simply ignore, their obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace and decline to “lessen the load” on employees to avoid them becoming fatigued.  Furthermore, employers may be simply unaware of their obligation to provide a proper work/life balance. 

Rochforts Workplace Solutions can provide advice to both employers and employees to relieve situations in these areas which have the potential to lead to adverse action claims.

Whilst we are committed to providing you with information that you can trust, the content of this publication is general in nature and should not be relied upon as professional advice. Please contact us for specific advice on how to proceed before taking any action.

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