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Work health and safety

Creating a safe and healthy workplace is not only crucial for the success of a business, it is also a requirement under Australian law.

While most employers believe that their business complies with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, many fail to recognise that workplace health and safety is a continual process, not a one-off occurrence, leaving them vulnerable to prosecution and penalties of up to $3 million

Under the Act, employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace by ensuring both the physical and mental health of their employees.

This includes bullying, harassment, discrimination and any other repeated and unreasonable behaviour that creates a risk to health and safety.

WorkCover inspectors are permitted to visit a worksite at any time to determine if a business is exercising due diligence, even without consent, so on-going compliance is crucial.

Yet, as an employer, do you know if you have fulfilled your duties and obligations when it comes to workplace health and safety?


How we can help

At Rochforts Workplace Solutions, we believe a safe and healthy workplace starts with the understanding that WHS is more than just a one-off risk assessment.

We work with our clients to understand their daily operations, assess the workplace and provide a comprehensive and tailored safety management system that delivers clear guidance on managing the health and safety risks in the workplace on a daily basis.

We not only assist in providing documentary evidence of workplace health and safety compliance, we also favour a holistic and proactive approach to health and safety that considers all aspects of the organisation’s operations.

We provide WHS advice in the areas of:

Our team of workplace health and safety experts have extensive experience across a range of industries including manufacturing, transport, clerical, healthcare, childcare, engineering, storage and distribution and automotive, so we understand the complex issues employers face.


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