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Enterprise bargaining and enterprise agreements

Enterprise agreements have multiple benefits for your organisation, particularly in instances where the terms and conditions of a modern award restrict the productive operation of your business.


What is an enterprise agreement?

An enterprise agreement, once approved by Fair Work Commission, allows an employer to replace certain terms and conditions in a modern award with an agreement specifically tailored to meet the particular operational needs of the business and its employees.


What are the benefits to having an enterprise agreement?

Modern awards cover the overall terms and conditions of employment but they may not be specifically applicable to the particular operational requirements of an organisation. In other words, one size does not necessarily fit all.

An enterprise agreement allows both the employer and employees to negotiate and tailor a set of working conditions specifically designed for the business, providing flexibility and increased productivity.

Enterprise agreements also provide employers with a number of additional benefits, including:


What can I expect during the collective bargaining process?

Negotiating an enterprise agreement can be a time-consuming and daunting process for employers. Union participation in the process, the threat of industrial action and the obligation to bargain in ‘good faith’ can often leave employers feeling like the process is too difficult to manage.

By planning ahead, identifying key areas of concern for employees and keeping staff regularly informed on the progress of the negotiations, employers have the opportunity to set the agenda, instead of being continually impacted by diversion tactics or unnecessary distractions.

Negotiating and drafting enterprise agreements is a highly specialised area of industrial law. At Rochforts, our team have extensive experience assisting employers through the enterprise bargaining process.

We can assist by negotiating agreement terms that are mutually beneficial, as well as guiding employers through the process of drafting the agreement and referring it to the Fair Work Commission for approval.


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